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Hi! We're Nate and BT

Also known as Dr. Nate Jeal and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

We are the founders of Fast Growth Dental, a coaching and consulting company that helps dentists and dental companies grow in business by leveraging strategic communication to attract and convert the right patients and clients. 

As Educational & Clinical Consultants to The Aurum Group, Key Opinion Leaders to The American Academy Of Clear Aligners, coaches to practicing dentists across North America, and run multi-location dental offices, we keep pretty busy! And that’s before we go into our offices to see our team and patients! 

We're bringing our foundational courses, in combination with our monthly live learning sessions to this online community, where you can now subscribe and gain access to our valuable business building resources. 

Over the past decade, we’ve not only built and grown six successful dental practices but have also trained more than 800 dentists on our proven sales and marketing strategies. A prime example is our Conversion & Case Acceptance workshops, where dentists and their teams master the art of effective communication using our conversion questions system.

"I signed on with the coaching program one month before I bought my practice. In less than a year they have personally helped me grow from $78,000 a month to over $165,000 a month"

Dr. A Xiang

"This program is designed to help you grow financially in business management and communication with the team. BT and Nate provide solutions speficially to each doctor's needs."

Dr. C Berman
District of Columbia

"I've had a 150% return on my investment in just the first months in the program. I have more patients that show up for appointments and accept treatment recommendations"

Dr. A Vu

Speaking & Media Inquires
Dental Academies, Companies & Study Clubs Hire Us To Speak At Industry Events & Workshops
In addition to mentoring dentists across the continent, we’re also an engaging & informative speaking duo for dental industry events!  We’ve developed presentations for many dozens of large and small events and have gained a reputation as the ‘go-to’ doctors when it comes to the science of marketing and conversion in dentistry… Read more to see what makes us unique in the industry.

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See Us In Action:
How We Educate & Inspire:
Email In your email please include a description of the event, date, and expected audience size.
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