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When it comes to idea of price matching in dentistry, it's essential to recognize the broader context of communication and value perception in the patient-dentist relationship. Many dentists believe that more talking leads to higher case acceptance, but this is not always the case, especially when discussions devolve into price matching debates. Such conversations can detract from the true value of dental care and lead to dissatisfaction for both parties.


When patients initiate price matching discussions, it often puts dentists in a tricky position. They feel compelled to justify their fees or even lower them to match competitors, which can undermine the practice's perceived value. This situation arises from the misconception that lower prices will automatically lead to higher case acceptance. However, focusing solely on price can lead to a transactional relationship that lacks the depth and trust necessary for long-term patient loyalty and satisfaction.


The key to avoiding the price matching trap is to shift the conversation from cost to value. When a patient asks about matching a competitor's price, it opens the door to a deeper dialogue about what sets your practice apart. Responding with a question like, “Is the cost your only consideration?” not only interrupts the price-focused pattern but also encourages the patient to think about the broader aspects of their dental care decision. This approach helps to reframe the conversation around the quality of care, the expertise of the dental team, and the overall patient experience.


In any consultation, the person asking the questions typically controls the direction of the conversation. By asking thoughtful, patient-focused questions, dentists can steer the discussion away from price and towards the value and benefits of their services. This strategy avoids the discomfort of price haggling and positions the dentist as a caring professional who is more interested in patient outcomes than competing on price.


Ultimately, the goal is to build a practice that attracts patients who value quality and comprehensive care over the lowest price. This does not mean ignoring cost concerns but rather emphasizing the unique benefits and quality of service your practice offers. Educating patients about the long-term advantages of quality dental care, including the use of advanced technology, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support, can help them appreciate the value beyond the price tag.


Dentists can enhance treatment acceptance and patient satisfaction by focusing on value-driven communication and avoiding the pitfalls of price matching. By adopting a consultative approach that emphasizes asking the right questions and listening to understand patient needs and concerns, dentists can create a more positive and value-focused patient experience. This approach eliminates the discomfort of price matching discussions and reinforces the practice's commitment to quality care, leading to a more fulfilling and financially successful dental practice.

Nate Jeal, DMD

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