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Answering calls promptly and effectively can significantly impact patient acquisition and practice growth. By the end of this discussion, you'll gain insights into the business objectives of inbound phone calls, how to control and triage them, and the essential steps for mastering the perfect phone call protocol.


The first step in mastering phone conversion is understanding the objectives of each call. Surprisingly, when quizzed, many teams may not have a consistent answer regarding the goal of a phone call. Learn how to identify and articulate these goals clearly.


Perfect Phone Call Protocol


We'll walk you through our eight-step perfect phone call protocol, designed to streamline interactions, enhance patient experience, and boost conversion rates. Implementing this protocol can significantly improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness on the phone.


Did you know that 62% of phone calls to dental offices go unanswered? Despite common perceptions, the national average for call answer rates is only 38%, significantly lower than most practices believe. By addressing this gap, practices can unlock substantial growth potential.


The telephone is the lifeline of your practice, representing the gateway to patient care and practice success. Every missed call represents a lost opportunity for revenue and patient satisfaction. By prioritizing phone communication, practices can ensure optimal patient access and engagement.


When managing incoming calls, it's essential to prioritize effectively. New patient inquiries should take precedence, followed by existing patients, and professional contacts. Personal calls and non-urgent inquiries should be addressed during breaks or off-peak times to minimize disruptions...

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