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Dentists are a little like jugglers sometimes…

They take on lots of tasks at once and then wonder why they drop the ball.

And I’m speaking as a dentist with a bad habit of taking on too much stuff! 

The #1 thing I have learned is that focusing on one thing rather than on many generates better results 110% of the time. So I’ve limited how certain things impact my attention.

The #2 thing I have learned is that there is one specific skill set which makes it possible to do more of the dentistry you enjoy (be it Invisialign, Implants or something else):

Selling more dentistry.

That’s it, that’s the one skill that changes the game more than any other.

HOW to sell more dentistry is another matter.


Sales. Case Acceptance. Conversion.

We hear these terms all the time and they share a common goal: doing more of the dentistry we enjoy.

Which is a great goal for this year!

If you agree that doing more of the dentistry YOU enjoy is a worthy goal, then consider joining our monthly live learning sessions. View the upcoming schedule and join today!

Nate Jeal, DMD
Fast Growth Dental
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