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Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I sign up for the Basic Track, the Business Track or the CEO Fast Track?

The Basic and Business Tracks are open to everyone and is where you should start to gain immediate access to our ever growing library of content. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The CEO Fast Track is a 6 month coaching program with very limited admission and is by application only. Please request an application for the June and July 2024 class and in the meantime absorb all that you can as a member of the FGD community. 

What's the difference between the Basic Track, Business Track and CEO Fast Tracks?

Basic Track:

The Basic Track includes access to all live learning sessions and webinar replays (8+ videos). Each month, join us as we explore topics crucial for propelling your practice forward. *With this track you also have the option to purchase premium on-demand courses at your convenience, where as the Business Track includes access to all on-demand courses.

The Business Track:

If you opt for the Business Track, in addition to the live learning sessions and webinar replays, you'll also unlock access to all Premium On-Demand Courses, exclusive Live Quarterly Q&A sessions, and entry to our Private Instagram Chat. It's the perfect opportunity to get insight and training to the most asked questions in the business of dentistry. 

CEO Fast Track:

As mentioned above, the CEO Fast Track is a 6-month coaching program. We encourage all applicants to join the Business Track and watch the on-demand courses before applying to this program.

What's the difference between the monthly and annual subscription options?

The sole distinction lies in how you are billed: either monthly or annually. Opting for the annual subscription offers additional savings.

How can I watch the On-Demand Premium Courses?

After choosing a subscription, you can choose to purchase courses individually with the Beginner Track or gain access to all premium courses by joining the Business Track.


Each course is meticulously structured into bite-sized modules, with content presented in easily digestible video format. Watch and revisit each section at your convenience, empowering you to master the material at your own pace. 

Who can benefit from membership?

Membership is designed for dental and medical healthcare providers who:

  • Want to optimize their practice operations and achieve greater practive and buisness goals in less time.

  • Are uncertain about how to expland their patient base or market their services confidently.

  • Feel overworked, overwhelmed, overextended, or undercompensated in their practice.

  • Value an opportunity to train their team on communication, conversion and sales.

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