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Learn how understanding patient priorities can revolutionize your case conversion rates, ensuring every interaction leads to meaningful outcomes. Are you ready to transform your practice? Dive in now!


Discover the essential strategies for dominating your dental practice's phone lines. Learn how to navigate every call effectively with our comprehensive guide to phone conversion, outlining eight crucial steps to boost patient acquisition and practice growth.

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Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information; it’s about building trust and rapport with patients, and initiating conversations with questions like “Is fixing this problem important to you?”


Presenting financial agreements is a crucial part of cash flow management in a dental practice. The way you present these agreements impacts patient perception and decision making, and by extension it also has the potential to impact practice revenue. 

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Escape the price matching trap and elevate your dental practice with value-driven communication. Discover how shifting the conversation from cost to value enhances patient satisfaction and boosts practice success.


Dentistry boasts its unique approach to patient acquisition. While chiropractors and medical practitioners navigate different terrains, dentistry leans towards enhancing quality of life, albeit addressing emergent concerns. Let’s delve into the nuanced strategies of patient attraction...


The #1 thing I have learned is that focusing on one thing rather than on many generates better results 110% of the time. So I’ve limited how certain things impact my attention. The #2 thing I have learned is that there is one specific skill set which makes it possible to do more of the dentistry you enjoy...

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Bridge the gap! It's crucial to regularly check in with patients to gauge their understanding and comfort level. However, the way these check-ins are conducted is just as important as the check-ins themselves.


The significance of a website is undeniable. Yet, despite its ubiquitous presence, many practitioners remain uncertain about its true purpose, cost considerations, and the essential elements required for an effective online presence. 


At the heart of schedule mastery lies a profound understanding of the value of time within your practice. By quantifying the financial implications associated with each moment, from operating costs to revenue potential, dentists can make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. 

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