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Communication & Conversion Training for Dental Teams

Empower your team with communication strategies for enhanced conversion. This is the opportunity to cultivate your ideal team through training specifically designed for non-dentist employees. These lessons will enable your team to comprehend buyer behavior, overcome objections, and discuss financial matters with confidence.

Course Details
Length: 1.5 hours
Modules: 12
CE Credit: 1.5 CE

Basic Member Price: $497.00
Included with Business Track

Value: $997.00

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1. Power of Proper Introductions:  Proper Introductions become a catalyst for building strong relationships of trust and confidence with patients. You will gain an understanding of why this seemingly simple act holds one of the keys to creating a great patient experience.

2. Guide Patients to Own Their Decisions: In this insightful session, we delve into why asking the right questions is a vital part of good communication and crucial for empowering patients to take charge of their health decisions.

3. How to Work with Happy Patients: This video will explore the philosophy behind why a one-size-fits-all approach can sometimes lead to unintended unfairness

4. Awareness and Value: Learn our Conversion Equation and how to use it to understand its importance in navigating treatment communication with ease.

5. Scripting for A, B, C & D Patients: Learn scripts for handling patients type A,B, C & D.

6. The Future is in the Follow-up: Learn why timely and thoughtful follow-up is crucial in dentistry, enhancing patient satisfaction, ensuring treatment efficacy, and building lasting relationships. This lesson provides practical strategies and communication skills that will enable you to conduct follow-up in a way that demonstrates your commitment to patient care and strengthens the trust and loyalty of your patients.

7. Obstacles and Objections: Learning to handle patient objections and obstacles through effective communication and scripts is a key component in providing high-quality dental care. You will learn how it plays a crucial role in building trust and enhancing treatment acceptance.

8. How to Attract Your Ideal Patient with Your USP: Working on a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is crucial for dental practices aiming to attract the right patients. Learn how a USP can differentiate your practice and contribute to building a strong brand.

9. Value: Helping patients understand value informs future decision-making, overcomes cost concerns, and promotes trust-based relationships, leading to more personalized care.

10. Setting the Stage with Softballs: Efficient and effective patient handoffs are key practices in dental care. They enhance the patient experience and contribute to the overall efficiency and predictability of business operations.

11. Closing Statements of Confidence: What happens after the patient has agreed that their dental problem should be fixed?  The closing statements offer a sensible way to progress the conversation, maintaining the patients’ confidence without introducing doubt.

12. Confidently Talk About Money: Guiding patients through financial discussions is a critical aspect of healthcare. Learn our step-by-step script for confidently delivering information about fees and finances.

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